Why have we got this life?

Have you ever thought in solitude why you got human life? In response to a question of Yudhisthira in Mahabharata, Bhishma Pitamah said, “There is no one more than human. Human life is the link between life and the world. ‘You will be surprised to know that after wandering in 84 lakhs colonies, we get human life and in every creature of the world, humans are the best. It is due to the wisdom that the person has to discriminate in truth and false, but on this earth, we are stuck in the cycle of worldly life, that our intellect remains confined to a limited extent.

We consider worldly pleasures and success in our own life and belief in our lives by being absorbed in it. This is the mistake we make because nobody ever claims that he is completely happy. The truth is that we should make constant efforts to fulfill the purpose of normal human life. It is true that the responsibility for the maintenance of us and our family is ours and we must keep it in every situation. Do you know where you come from, how many days or years do you have to live in this world and what is your destination? Most people will say this in answer to these questions, I do not know. Such people are big strangers.

They are traveling, but they do not know anything about the journey. They get human lives, but they do not know the purpose of their lives. Our life means, finding a purpose and staying calm within ourselves. It has been said that man is a resident of Anand Lok and reaching the bliss of happiness is the only goal of his life, so that man should recognize his destination by adopting the path of spiritual practice to get rid of the deer’s grave in this world and get a grand life. In order to be absorbed in it, one should take the resolve to stay in the state. It is said in Rig Veda that life is sacred and best. Human is a Karmayogi. And this is in the hands of the Karmayogi that what goal he chooses for himself.