What happens when AIPAC Gathers for an Annual Meet?

AIPAC Gathers for an Annual Meet

Israel is one among the nations that face terror attack now and then. The case was very much terrifying after the World Wars wound up. The end of the World War 2 marked the beginning of the Cold War between the global powers the US and Russia. Relatively small countries like Israel will suffer in between. So they had to resort to the United States and strike a truce so that Israel can prevent itself from further injury. This resulted in the formation of AIPAC – American Israeli Public Affairs Committee. Here we are going to talk about the annual meeting that AIPAC organizes every year, which is a part of the committee’s Memorandum of Understanding.

Washington, being the center of AIPAC meeting, gatherings, and conferences, will get to see all the big shots who will and can influence the US-Israel relationship. This potential group of individuals who play a significant role in the affairs of this committee and the ones who hold power to suggest and make decisions are collectively called the Israel Lobby. They take part in the annual gathering, and that is hosted to decide on the steps and measures that have to be taken to strengthen the relationship between the US and Israel.

AIPAC Gathers for an Annual Meet

Reasons behind the annual gathering:

  • At the surface level if we look at it and get to a conclusion the closest treason is that they wish to promote the relationship between the two nations. However, there are much more reasons as to why the committee is gathered.
  • The US has its own annual finance, welfare, and other foreign policies. Anything that is decided here will have an impact on the all the above policies of the state.
  • It is important to note that the AIPAC was formed way back in the year 1951 when the set of US plans and policies were entirely different. They were also less complex and understandable.
  • But today the scenario is completely different. A lot of drastic changes have taken place in the ways in which these plans and policies are being framed.
  • So the committee that gathers is a combination of both the US and Israel dignitaries. Thereby the decisions taken by the committee will make sure that the outcomes of their decisions are beneficial for both the nations.
  • The policies and plans to guide the functioning of AIPAC are decided here. The nations can place their grievances and can seek redressal for the same. The policy decisions are finalized only after reaching consensus with all the members of the Israel lobby.
  • More than $3 Million is spent by AIPAC as far as the Israel Lobbying is concerned. Sometimes the pitiable thing is that there can be a lot of political differences as far as committees like these are concerned. This will impact the nation that is smaller between the two nations that have signed the pact.
  • It was a committee that was initiated with welfare as a motto and thereby it is governed by the public sector and not by the political sector. Despite this being the resolution of both the states, there are high chances that both the states politicize the meeting to an extent.