What happens when AIPAC Gathers for an Annual Meet?

Annual Meet

Israel is one among the nations that face terror attack now and then. The case was very much terrifying after the World Wars wound up. The end of the World War 2 marked the beginning of the Cold War between the global powers the US and Russia. Relatively small countries like Israel will suffer in between. So they had to resort to the United States and strike a truce so that Israel can prevent itself from further injury. This resulted in the formation of AIPAC – American Israeli Public Affairs Committee. Here we are going to talk about the annual meeting that AIPAC organizes every year, which is a part of the committee’s Memorandum of Understanding.

Washington, being the center of AIPAC meeting, gatherings, and conferences, will get to see all the big shots who will and can influence the US-Israel relationship. This potential group of individuals who play a significant role in the affairs of this committee and the ones who hold power to suggest and make decisions are collectively called the Israel Lobby. They take part in the annual gathering, and that is hosted to decide on the steps and measures that have to be taken to strengthen the relationship between the US and Israel.

AIPAC Gathers for an Annual Meet

Reasons behind the annual gathering:

  • At the surface level if we look at it and get to a conclusion the closest treason is that they wish to promote the relationship between the two nations. However, there are much more reasons as to why the committee is gathered.
  • The US has its own annual finance, welfare, and other foreign policies. Anything that is decided here will have an impact on the all the above policies of the state.
  • It is important to note that the AIPAC was formed way back in the year 1951 when the set of US plans and policies were entirely different. They were also less complex and understandable.
  • But today the scenario is completely different. A lot of drastic changes have taken place in the ways in which these plans and policies are being framed.
  • So the committee that gathers is a combination of both the US and Israel dignitaries. Thereby the decisions taken by the committee will make sure that the outcomes of their decisions are beneficial for both the nations.
  • The policies and plans to guide the functioning of AIPAC are decided here. The nations can place their grievances and can seek redressal for the same. The policy decisions are finalized only after reaching consensus with all the members of the Israel lobby.
  • More than $3 Million is spent by AIPAC as far as the Israel Lobbying is concerned. Sometimes the pitiable thing is that there can be a lot of political differences as far as committees like these are concerned. This will impact the nation that is smaller between the two nations that have signed the pact.
  • It was a committee that was initiated with welfare as a motto and thereby it is governed by the public sector and not by the political sector. Despite this being the resolution of both the states, there are high chances that both the states politicize the meeting to an extent.

How Donald Trump Exposed AIPAC


The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) had announced that on its annual policy conference this year, Donald Trump would be invited to speak at the meeting. Even though the people who support AIPAC and the liberal Jews felt that it would be inappropriate for Donald Trump to speak at the conference, the entire stadium applauded and roared with cheers when Trump started to talk at the meeting.  At the end of his speech, he had won the hearts of everyone present in the conference.

Donald Trump Exposed AIPAC

Excerpt of Trump’s Speech:

People feel that the imagery here was such a disaster. It was upsetting that Trump had received such a big ovation for saying that Barak Obama was the worst thing that ever happened to Israel. But we all know that Trump is usually offensive in what he says, but the speech which he delivered at the conference was no different from what the other candidates were saying. Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump were the only ones who mentioned about the notion of brokering deals between Israel and Palestinians.

The loud applaud by the members of AIPAC to Trump’s speech show that they have completely lost touch with the liberal Jewish. Bernie Sanders, the only Jewish candidate, was not allowed to speak at the AIPAC. He was prepared to deliver a speech, but the group refused to listen to him. So Sanders had asked AIPAC to give out texts of his statements that he presented in Utah. Trump’s speech can even change the discussion in Washington even without Sanders speaking. AIPAC condemned Trump’s rebuke about Obama, but the reception that was displayed at the conference shows that there is a vast gap between the AIPAC and the American Jews.  It should be noted that AIPAC cannot dictate the U.S Policy but AIPAC is very keen in making its case, where it is concerned about Israel’s safety; this was used as a tool to convince the Congress to back the proposal that has been contrasted to the two-state solution.


The AIPAC has become a significant institution in the lives of Jewish people who live in America. But, it does not take any responsibility for what happens in America. The only mission it has is that American government must support Israeli regime no matter what happens. AIPAC has a pastor John Hagee, who leads the Christians United for Israel and he influences the United States government to support whatever Benjamin Netanyahu says; this is the reason why Trump was allowed to speak at the AIPAC conference even though many people from the AIPAC had objected Trump. The crowd gathered at the meeting had cheered so loud because they were trained to do so. It was quite shameful for the organized Jewish community in the United States.  It is more like the AIPAC does not accept any moral responsibility that happens to the Gentiles in U.S. The president of AIPAC, Lillian Pinkus said that she deeply regrets the fact that the people applauded for the sentiment which they did not agree with or condone.


AIPAC’s Stand on the Iraq War

Iraq War

AIPAC has always wanted to suppress the trade or any sort of relationship that existed between Iraq and the United States of America. It is clearly visible from the facts that happened in the past and the things that are happening in the present. AIPAC has always seen Iraq as a threat to the world and that any sort of ties and trade links that the United States of America has with Iraq have to be broken. AIPAC wanted to sack all the transactions quietly and do away with Iraq. However to some extent what AIPAC did was justified. For the fact that Saddam Hussein was interested in the production of mass destruction or at least he was capable of doing so. AIPAC feared the capability is Iraq to assume global power with arms that can destroy the world.

Iraq War

AIPAC and the Iraq War:

  • There is something called the Israel Lobby in AIPAC. The members of AIPAC who are given the right to decide, and have the power to execute the same are collectively known as the Israel Lobby. Each member had his or her own perspective regarding AIPAC’s stand in the war.
  • While some believed that AIPAC would not evince interest, others believed that AIPAC waited to see the destruction of Iraq for quite a long time.
  • AIPAC is the second most influential committee in the state of Washington, and thereby any decision or suggestion that is given by AIPAC will always play a major role. This is the advantage that AIPAC cashes in on.
  • AIPAC secretly wished that the Iraq war take place. Apart from the fact that Iraq was always a threat to Israel, there were also other reasons as to why AIPAC wanted the war.
  • All the way, Israel has always been urging America to wage war on Iraq. The word war is not new to the world, but that’s not the type of war that we are talking about here. The war that America can possibly wage on Iraq can either be to technically or politically bring it down to nothing or to something that wouldn’t threaten to take the global power.
  • So it was a fight to prove who can survive better in the market. But the US had to do it without the knowledge of the Iraqi government. There are foreign policies that the US government cannot breach or act against.
  • So the US-led war that happened in the year 2003 was a means to quench the wrath the nations had against each other.
  • The US government was not alone in this mission. They had other governments as allies working with them. The war and the aftermath continued heavily for a period of 3 to 4 years and needless to say it took a wide turn after the death sentence and the hanging of Saddam Hussein.
  • The US government revolted against Iraq again in the year 2014. However, things haven’t gotten to surface. When it gets, chances are that the world might see another war. Both nations are capable of it, and of course, we have AIPAC to aid and abet America. Either way, Israel is safe.

Things to know about the American Israel Public Affairs Committee

Things to know

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is one of the most influential groups that endorse the pro-Israel policy to the Executive Branch and the Congress of the United States of America. The organization has more than 10,000 members and 17 regional offices. They believe that cooperation between two countries is an advantage for both of them and its mission is to “Strengthen, protect and promote U.S.-Israel relationship in ways that enhance the security of the United States and Israel.”

American Israel Public Affairs Committee


AIPAC was founded by Isaiah L. “Si” Kenen in the year 1951. Kenen initially was in the American Zionist Committee for Public Affairs and before that he was an Israeli Minister for Foreign Affairs. AIPAC helped in the resettlement of the Holocaust refugees in Israel and preserved the relationship between both the nations. The Headquarters of AIPAC is located in Washington, D.C. The members of the organization actively participate in the committee sessions and also keep their presence in the halls of the Congress. They review the legislation that may affect the relationship between two nations and work with key officials to develop law and policy. A total of a thousand meetings are conducted annually with the congressional offices.

The organization also supports the U.S involvement in bringing about peace and advocates for a two-state solution based on the negotiations between Israel and Palestinians. It supports U.S in the participation of the talks for acceptance of Israel’s need for a secure and defensible border.  Financial aids are also provided by the U.S to help Israel obtain about three billion dollars yearly; this makes Israel the largest cumulative recipient of the U.S foreign assistance. The Congress members are advised about the issues faced in the Middle East. AIPAC earlier supported the Counter-Terrorism Act of 1995.

Functions of AIPAC:

AIPAC lobbies the Congress in many ways. They maintained congressional support to bring about peace in the Middle East and to strengthen the position of Israel.

A policy conference is held annually, and it is one of the largest gatherings of the Pro-Israel movement. The conference takes place at Walter E. Washington Convention Center. In the year 2016, since the crowd was more the meeting was held at Verizon Center. Various delegates from all the states attend the event and listen to many politicians and advocates discuss multiple ways to strengthen the bond between Israel and U.S.

The supporters of Congress include members who are from both Democratic and Republican parties. In the year 2011, two-thirds of the members of the Senate had attended the policy conference. Some of the political people who participated in the meeting were President Barack Obama, Harry Reid, John Boehner, President Bill Clinton, Vice president Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton, John McCain and many other politicians.

A sister non- profit educational organization was founded to handle educational work. Regular seminars are conducted for the Congressional staff. The Forbes magazine has stated that AIPAC is one of the most influential organizations and it continues to lobby U.S Congress in various ways.

What Role did AIPAC Play in the US Elections?

US Elections

While some of the reasons are simple and straightforward, there are also other factors that are visible at the surface level. So let’s get to see some of the important reasons as to how AIPAC influences the US elections.

Role did AIPAC Play in the US Elections

Influence on the US elections:

  • First things first, for those of you who do not know the what AIPAC stands for and the reason behind the institution of the committee, AIPAC stands for American Israeli Public Affairs Committee. It came into existence in the year 1951 shortly after the Second World War came to an end.
  • Needless to say, this move of protection was initiated by the Israel government and when the US government agreed, the result was AIPAC. The committees also agreed to meet annually to reframe the plans and policies as and when required. Having said that the delegates of both the nations formed a part of the committee and the committee began small but now there are more than 65000 members in AIPAC.
  • The main aim of the committee is to maintain a smooth and cordial relationship between Israel and the United States of America. AIPAC is tirelessly working for the same.
  • It is imperative that we remember the committee was formed as a part of the public sector and thereby both the nations decided as a part of the truce that there would not be any political influence or interference. But following it wasn’t that easy.
  • As years passed by the size of the organization grew and the influence it exerted on the American economy was huge. The US government resolved that they wouldn’t in any way harm the affairs of the Israel government and the welfare of its residents.
  • Having all this in mind, the US government had to spend a lot on the welfare, growth, and protection of that nation, since most of the affairs of AIPAC were carried out from Washington, US. After all, AIPAC is the second most powerful committee in the state and imagine the influence it can have in the political affairs of the state. This automatically brought political influence into the committee.
  • During the annual policy meet that met every year, more than 12000 delegates were a part of it. It was more than enough to disrupt the functions of the economy for a day. The political minds were naturally attracted to exercise control over it over the years.

Now the policy of the shunning politics out of the affairs of the committee is only in the papers.

Impact in the 2016 US elections:

  • The two major parties in the US that form the governments are the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.
  • It is a wide known fact that the US Congress has resolved to help the smooth functioning of AIPAC, but since the members of Congress work for both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, contradicting decisions are taken with regard to public sectors like AIPAC.
  • As of 2016, the rule of the Republican Party under the leadership of Trump saw a significant impact in the US policy papers, especially the foreign policy.
  • The US foreign policies have become pretty stringent that the Israel government has to live in fear of the fact that the US government might retreat from the pact any moment.