What Role did AIPAC Play in the US Elections?

Role did AIPAC Play in the US Elections

While some of the reasons are simple and straightforward, there are also other factors that are visible at the surface level. So let’s get to see some of the important reasons as to how AIPAC influences the US elections.

Role did AIPAC Play in the US Elections

Influence on the US elections:

  • First things first, for those of you who do not know the what AIPAC stands for and the reason behind the institution of the committee, AIPAC stands for American Israeli Public Affairs Committee. It came into existence in the year 1951 shortly after the Second World War came to an end.
  • Needless to say, this move of protection was initiated by the Israel government and when the US government agreed, the result was AIPAC. The committees also agreed to meet annually to reframe the plans and policies as and when required. Having said that the delegates of both the nations formed a part of the committee and the committee began small but now there are more than 65000 members in AIPAC.
  • The main aim of the committee is to maintain a smooth and cordial relationship between Israel and the United States of America. AIPAC is tirelessly working for the same.
  • It is imperative that we remember the committee was formed as a part of the public sector and thereby both the nations decided as a part of the truce that there would not be any political influence or interference. But following it wasn’t that easy.
  • As years passed by the size of the organization grew and the influence it exerted on the American economy was huge. The US government resolved that they wouldn’t in any way harm the affairs of the Israel government and the welfare of its residents.
  • Having all this in mind, the US government had to spend a lot on the welfare, growth, and protection of that nation, since most of the affairs of AIPAC were carried out from Washington, US. After all, AIPAC is the second most powerful committee in the state and imagine the influence it can have in the political affairs of the state. This automatically brought political influence into the committee.
  • During the annual policy meet that met every year, more than 12000 delegates were a part of it. It was more than enough to disrupt the functions of the economy for a day. The political minds were naturally attracted to exercise control over it over the years.

Now the policy of the shunning politics out of the affairs of the committee is only in the papers.

Impact in the 2016 US elections:

  • The two major parties in the US that form the governments are the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.
  • It is a wide known fact that the US Congress has resolved to help the smooth functioning of AIPAC, but since the members of Congress work for both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, contradicting decisions are taken with regard to public sectors like AIPAC.
  • As of 2016, the rule of the Republican Party under the leadership of Trump saw a significant impact in the US policy papers, especially the foreign policy.
  • The US foreign policies have become pretty stringent that the Israel government has to live in fear of the fact that the US government might retreat from the pact any moment.