Things that you didn’t know about Hillary Clinton and AIPAC

Hillary Clinton and AIPAC

The 2016 US Presidential Elections went highly unpredictable. While the whole world felt the breezing flowing towards Clinton, it is Mr.Trump who took the honors home. A lot of public sector committees and organization felt a blow when Mr.Trump assumed the position. The next name that comes to mind the moment we talk about the US elections is Hillary Clinton. As a part of the campaign, Hillary did set her foot into the AIPAC council and thrashed her opponent. Here we are going to place our focus on how Hillary Clinton’s participation impact AIPAC. So did she spill any beans? Here’s all that you have to know about Clinton and AIPAC:

Hillary Clinton and AIPAC

Hillary’s Speech at AIPAC:

  • Hillary is not a new face for AIPAC. She has had a lot of options where she had to play a significant role and work closely with the affairs of the committees. Above all, she has always been there for the benefit of the US – Israeli relationship, and she has taken efforts to deepen the bond.
  • So she wasn’t motivational or inspirational that particular evening that way she used to be earlier. She used AIPAC as a platform to put down her fellow competitor who ran for the 2016 presidential elections. That is how she began spilling the beans.
  • She began her speech quite well focussed speaking on the importance of AIPAC and the significance of America taking care of its responsibilities as well as its relationship with the fellow nations. This boosted the dignitaries and the other part of the audience as they were on the other hand terrified as to what Trump’s policies would result in.
  • So naturally, there was greater affliction towards Hillary on the global scale. There was a loud roar of applause as she went on to speak further about the way the political parties view and support the truce and the peace pact that exists between America and Israel for more than half a century.
  • However, at the end of the speech, she steered her focus towards Trump and made a cutthroat statement that ‘Trump is a threat to the security of Israel’ and stacked a laundry list of complaints that would potentially support her statement.
  • Maybe her words were very much blatant that critics weren’t satisfied with the way the day ended that day. The reviews weren’t negative, but they weren’t positive as well.

Hillary’s interest on AIPAC:

As far as AIPAC is concerned Hillary has always been there voicing her opinions against that terror attacks and the violence that happens in Israel. Hillary is believed to have a neutral stand on the US – Israel pact. Her participation in the oval office during the presidential tenure of Clinton added along with the close relationship between US Congress and the Democratic Party resulted in the interest that she evinces on AIPAC.

So the question is, did her focus change because she knew that AIPAC would be critical to the 2016 elections? The answer is known only to her. Going back to AIPAC, after Mr.Trump took over the presidential responsibility, though there were threats in the foreign relations policy, Israel hasn’t been touched so far. The pact remains tight. It is, however, better to bend than to break, if you know what we mean.