AIPAC’s Stand on the Iraq War

Iraq War

AIPAC has always wanted to suppress the trade or any sort of relationship that existed between Iraq and the United States of America. It is clearly visible from the facts that happened in the past and the things that are happening in the present. AIPAC has always seen Iraq as a threat to the world and that any sort of ties and trade links that the United States of America has with Iraq have to be broken. AIPAC wanted to sack all the transactions quietly and do away with Iraq. However to some extent what AIPAC did was justified. For the fact that Saddam Hussein was interested in the production of mass destruction or at least he was capable of doing so. AIPAC feared the capability is Iraq to assume global power with arms that can destroy the world.

Iraq War

AIPAC and the Iraq War:

  • There is something called the Israel Lobby in AIPAC. The members of AIPAC who are given the right to decide, and have the power to execute the same are collectively known as the Israel Lobby. Each member had his or her own perspective regarding AIPAC’s stand in the war.
  • While some believed that AIPAC would not evince interest, others believed that AIPAC waited to see the destruction of Iraq for quite a long time.
  • AIPAC is the second most influential committee in the state of Washington, and thereby any decision or suggestion that is given by AIPAC will always play a major role. This is the advantage that AIPAC cashes in on.
  • AIPAC secretly wished that the Iraq war take place. Apart from the fact that Iraq was always a threat to Israel, there were also other reasons as to why AIPAC wanted the war.
  • All the way, Israel has always been urging America to wage war on Iraq. The word war is not new to the world, but that’s not the type of war that we are talking about here. The war that America can possibly wage on Iraq can either be to technically or politically bring it down to nothing or to something that wouldn’t threaten to take the global power.
  • So it was a fight to prove who can survive better in the market. But the US had to do it without the knowledge of the Iraqi government. There are foreign policies that the US government cannot breach or act against.
  • So the US-led war that happened in the year 2003 was a means to quench the wrath the nations had against each other.
  • The US government was not alone in this mission. They had other governments as allies working with them. The war and the aftermath continued heavily for a period of 3 to 4 years and needless to say it took a wide turn after the death sentence and the hanging of Saddam Hussein.
  • The US government revolted against Iraq again in the year 2014. However, things haven’t gotten to surface. When it gets, chances are that the world might see another war. Both nations are capable of it, and of course, we have AIPAC to aid and abet America. Either way, Israel is safe.

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