Anyone saying word anger means a lot of uncontrolled energy trying to come out in a destructive way. This form of energy is so powerful that it has the potential to change the world.Though only few percent of us are able to channelize this energy into a productive work. Frustration and other emotional setbacks along with failure and rejection all create such a powerful energy pack that if they all are put in right direction one can change his own situation and people around him. 

Anger can also be used as a powerful weapon for gaining victory over challenges of life. World is full of so many stories showcasing the real power of anger management. People who have controlled their anger and given a direction, they all have became great personalities. It is because anger is an emotion with so high vibration and  power to change the destiny. We usually see that anger is very spontaneous and reaction time is very quick. This is because we lack in self control and and haven’t practiced anger management. Those who know the energy behind anger take this energy for the constructive purposes So it is very important to get anger and get mad at things as this anger will help to make that situation or thing workable. We need to channelise this source of energy in different form. Physical activity is one of the best way to utilize your anger for physical development. Exercises while getting mad at things will boost your performance. You can also perform yoga and meditation to keep yourself under control and at the same time using your anger for productive work. More information on