Demonstration Outside the Department of Justice

On May 23, Move Over AIPAC marched on the Justice Department with new information about why AIPAC should register under the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). Individuals presented their own personalized letters for regulation at the main entrance. Heather Hunt, head of the Foreign Agents Registration Act unit at the Justice Department, invited this new input on the possible registration of AIPAC as a foreign agent in a May 18, 2011 letter which was read out loud during the action.

Watch videos of our demonstrations and send a complaint of your own to the head of the FARA section and Attorney General Eric Holder. Download, personalize and mail this letter urging regulation of AIPAC as a foreign agent.

You can also download and mail a complaint to the IRS insisting AIPAC be investigated for tax fraud.
Download and mail a pre-filled form with CODEPINK’s information or personalize a complaint.

Americans demand Justice Department regulate AIPAC