AIPAC Doesn’t Represent You, but We Would Like to!

Alli: AIPAC doesnt represent me!

Alli: AIPAC doesnt represent me!

AIPAC doesn’t represent you, but with your permission, we would like to!

Please tell us who you are,  both in the survey below and by emailing a photo of yourself while holding a sign where you write in who you are and affirming  “AIPAC doesn’t represent me.”

Here is what to do step-by-step:

  1. Print out a sign and fill in the blank: “I’m _______ and AIPAC doesn’t represent me.”
  2. Take a photo of yourself holding the sign about your identity.
  3. Email the photo to our Flickr page at
  4. See all the wonderful voices for justice and peace in the Middle East.

We will bring your image, your words, and your pride to “Move Over AIPAC,” whether or not you can come yourself. Click here to download a sign to use.